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I think we're both kind of like, "He's so young and doesn't have a lot of muscle," but we know there's major benefits behind it. It was because of [his trainer] that I tried it as well. What does the next phase look like — assuming he stays retired? What's the most romantic thing you've ever done and vice versa, what's the most romantic thing he's ever done?Actually, it's something I want to research now that you're bringing it up — I'm curious to hear what people have to say about that. I had always heard about it and didn't try it, but it's a lot easier to access when you have a trainer who has his own [cupping] set at your house. They've been together for 12 years, so anything Keenan brings up and recommends, we're going to do. It was a fad for a while and there are several different schools of thought around cupping. People are convinced that Michael is not actually going to retire. We'll have somebody else who's like, "Why am I not in those pictures? Assuming he stays retired, it's just us being able to enjoy our relationship. What I see as being romantic is probably different from what other people see as being romantic. I always expected him to roll over one morning and propose to me in bed.

I loved going in the pool today with @nicole.m.johnson (mommy) and @m_phelps00 (daddy) today!

And because there's more to her résumé than "supportive future spouse" — she's a former Miss California and communications expert — she also gave the scoop on what's next, career-wise. There's online bullying and body-shaming — it's so different than how we grew up.

I definitely agree and it's a concern, but I don't think Michael or I expected it to blow up the way that it did.

Can't wait til I get to learn to swim from daddy and @coach_bowman !

A post shared by boomer phelps (@boomerrphelps) on Kate Middleton and Prince William went through a brief split before getting back together and getting married.

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