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On 29 November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution recommending the adoption and implementation of a plan to partition the British Mandate of Palestine into two states, one Arab and one Jewish, and the City of Jerusalem.

The General Assembly resolution on Partition was greeted with overwhelming joy in Jewish communities and widespread outrage in the Arab world.

The hydrostatic drive 1066 Hydro was later renamed the Hydro 100. The hydrostatic drive took a lot of power to operate, and the 1066 Hydro had much less power than a gear-driven 1066. The 1066 engine was altered in 1973 to increase horsepower.

This antique type motor was built by Mc Cormick Deering Company, International Harvester Company of Chicago Illinois U. This type of stationary engine worked with an intern controlling system to control the gas throttle.

Having recruited a few thousand volunteers, al-Husayni organized the blockade of the 100,000 Jewish residents of Jerusalem.

In Palestine, violence erupted almost immediately, feeding into a spiral of reprisals and counter-reprisals.

The British refrained from intervening as tensions boiled over into a low-level conflict that quickly escalated into a full-scale civil war.

Egypt gained nominal independence in 1922, but Britain continued to exert a strong influence on the country until the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of 1936 which limited Britain’s presence to a garrison of troops on the Suez Canal until 1945.

Lebanon became an independent state in 1943, but French troops would not withdraw until 1946, the same year that Syria won its independence from France.

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