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On that morning, all that I was told was that I had been found behind a dumpster, potentially penetrated by a stranger, and that I should get retested for HIV because results don’t always show up immediately.

But for now, I should go home and get back to my normal life.

My dad made some dinner and I sat at the table with my younger sister who was visiting for the weekend.

I was working full time and it was approaching my bed time.

My sister teased me for wearing a beige cardigan to a frat party like a librarian.The three of us worked to comb the pine needles out of my hair, six hands to fill one paper bag.To calm me down, they said it’s just the flora and fauna, flora and fauna.The next thing I remember I was in a gurney in a hallway.I had dried blood and bandages on the backs of my hands and elbow. I still remained calm, assured he was speaking to the wrong person. When I was finally allowed to use the restroom, I pulled down the hospital pants they had given me, went to pull down my underwear, and felt nothing.

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