Adult games like chat with elita

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A beloved member of just about every part of the Blindness Community passed away recently.

Chris @toonhead Skarstad was one of those unique people you rarely encounter in life.

Marty Schultz, of Kid Friendly Software and Blindfold Games fame, returns to the BBQ to talk about his wild week and his bright future. is recording from a mystery spot in New Jersey this week.

We'll finally broadcast that tip we've talked about since May, "Sound Off" will be X-citing and you might find the "Last Word" to be one of those things you won't be able to forget for a while once you have heard it for yourself. Joe is no longer distracted by illness nor baseball.

Here is a listing of the audio content we have posted.

Subscribe to the podcast You know that holiday song that has the line: "It's the most wonderful time of the year? yeah, well, Patrick tends to hum it a lot in December because this is the dedicated show where he has free rein to post all the things that would make us sound silly if left in for an episode's original broadcast. The pair discuss some shipping and gift wrapping suggestions, Joe has a Gmail tip for i OS users and a festive treat awaits in the "Last Word".

Jay Forry returns as well to talk about summer movies.

Which it just so happens to be a great idea for our two hosts since J. is traveling and Joe can barely manage to find the remote option on his Apple Watch.

We hope you have a safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving and we'll be back to our normal? Braille Sense Polaris made its first appearance on Blind Bargains with Joe Steincamp and Dave Wilkinson hidden (for security reasons) in a tiny bunker far below the surface of the Earth.Joe has the new Google Home mini in the office and J. asks him questions about the little round Google Assistant.Jay Forry also returns to talk about the 5 films that turned out not to be good from the summer movie season.It is a good thing that Brian Fischler dropped by to give us a few chuckles and a primer on "Laugh For Sight" because it definitely adds some levity to the proceedings.We also have a tip, a brief "Sound Off" and a BBQ first in the "Last Word".

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